How To: Simple Nail Art

Love the look of something special on your nails? We do too. But we really dislike using some of the heavy gel products that Pinterest lauds as necessary to artistic tips.

Here’s one of our favorite looks; all it takes is some tenoverten polish, a bit of practice and a steady hand.

  1. Clean and thoroughly dry nails, ensuring no oil or oil-based polish remover is left on the nail. 
  2. Apply The Foundation base coat to ensure polish has something to grip onto.
  3. Apply two smooth coats of a neutral taupe, mauve or beige polish, like Catherine , Fulton, Murray or Madison.
  4. After allowing the coats to dry, pain a single small stripe of a dark color from the cuticle to about halfway up the nail (or all the way up if you prefer!). Try Bond, a nice rich black shade for this accent. You’ll wait to ensure there is just a tiny bit of polish on the brush, or use a separate nail art brush.
  5. Allow to dry for a couple of minutes, then apply The Shield top coat.
  6. To set polish, wait 5 minutes, then drop on our Non Toxic Drying Drops to help the polish dry to a beautiful finish.

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