Our Version of Clean

Sanitation is the #1 priority at tenoverten. Here are the sanitation practices that we follow to ensure that your manicure and pedicure is as hygienic as it is beautiful!

Pedicures are done in freestanding basins rather than whirlpool baths (whose jets and pipes are breeding grounds for bacteria—yuck!) and they are disinfected with a hospital grade disinfectant between each use.

All stainless steel tools (clippers, nippers and pushers) are bagged in sterilization pouches with indicator strips and run through an autoclave. You may have seen an autoclave at the dentist's office; it is a piece of medical equipment that sterilizes metal implements through elevated steam pressure and high temperatures, destroying all bacteria, viruses and fungi that could lead to infection. When a client is getting a mani/pedi, one pouch of sterilized tools is used for the pedicure and a second set is opened for the manicure, preventing possible contamination from toenails to fingernails.

(Please beware—some nail salons, unwilling to invest in autoclave, purchase sterilization pouches without indicator strips hoping that customers will assume their tools have been sterilized in an autoclave when they have not.)

All non-metal supplies such as buffers, orange wood sticks and nail files are used once and then tossed. Lastly, unlike most nail salons, we have a dedicated housekeeper at all times, keeping the salons sparkling clean and allowing our technicians to focus on their clients.

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