The 3 Most Important Non-Toxic Nail Products to Bring to Your Salon

You may have heard there here at tenoverten we are wholeheartedly in pursuit of non-toxic nails—and boy, do we mean it. Our products are super effective, making your manicure + pedicure last longer, without the harmful toxic ingredients found in standard nail products everywhere else. While we’d love for you to always join us at our salons, we realize that you may have a neighborhood spot you have been going to for years or you don’t live near one of our locations. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to remain #inpursuitofnontoxic nails, wherever you might be, so we rounded up the *most* important non-toxic products to bring to your salon. 

Have a read + shop these non-toxic must-haves below!

A Base Coat
Our Suggestion: The Foundation

Set the base for a healthy, long lasting manicure with The Foundation, an 8-free formulated base coat that increases nail strength, prevents cracking, and prolongs polish adhesion. If you are going for an au naturale look, ask your manicurist to lacquer on a single coat of The Foundation for a simple, healthy glow.


A Top Coat
Our Suggestion: The Shield

Protect your newly minted manicure + pedicure with The Shield, our high shine top coat! This cruelty-free and vegan layer prevents color fading and chipping, ensuring that your polish stays on longer — naturally.


Cuticle Oil or Hand Moisturizer
Our Suggestion: The 100% Natural Rose Oil

Naturally heal damaged skin, nails, and cuticles with our ultra-hydrating Rose Oil. With a rich blend of Rose Flower, Jojoba, Argan, Pomegranate, Sweet Almond + Hemp Seed Oils, this non-greasy formula promotes nail growth without damaging your cuticles and skin — and the sweet rose fragrance is just an added bonus!


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