The Wizardess of Oz

We LOVE a good collaboration, usually with brands or people that represent what tenoverten is all about…consciousness, positivity, warmth and quality. And, hey, if our collaborator happens to be a long-time friend and client, all the better.

This February, we’re thrilled to introduce a new-for-the-season polish trio, created with Ms. Daphne Oz. You probably know her from her time on ABC’s The Chew or from her media and online presence as one of the foremost healthy living experts around, or maybe you’re familiar with her famous doctor dad. Either way, you know her vision for healthy living aligns with ours: we all seek to inject goodness wherever we can.

As Daphne said, while we were working on this project: "Any time you invest in taking care of yourself should feel like a celebration, whether that's enjoying a delicious, wholesome meal or taking in the beauty of a fresh mani/pedi.” We couldn’t agree more. In her chef-life, she is hyper focused on what goes into her body, and extends that to her beauty and self-care routine, and she’s long been a fan of our conscious nail care products. Given her interests, we worked together to create a trio of essential colors inspired by some of Daphne’s favorite food memories, of course.

  • Tea & Cake is an almond-y pink, perfect for a classic, clean, feminine nail
  • Big Red is a juicy cherry and Daphne’s favorite for pedicures
  • Oysters is a modern, shimmery, indestructible, rose gold for hardcore Tuesdays
For a limited time, you can purchase these three shades as a trio on

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