The Celery Oil


Naturally + mindfully formulated, The Celery Oil is like a green juice for your nails, packed full of nutritious ingredients that make nails look and feel healthy and strong. Neonyca ( Celery Seed Extract) aids in nail repair and cell regrowth, helping to restore and rebuild beautiful nails. Think of The Celery Oil as your new go-to for foundational nail health, similar to the way celery juice is lauded for its ability to restore gut health, which is foundational to overall health.

The Celery Oil Ingredients

+ Neonyca (Celery Seed Extract) helps improve thickness and reduce the appearance of ridges

+ Meadowfoam Seed Oil is an antioxidant that shields against environmental elements

+ Evening Primrose Oil hydrates and heals

+ Chia Seed Oil, Vitamin B3 and Zinc helps harden nails

+ Rosehip Oil strengthens the nail so it’s less prone to breakage

+ About Neonyca (Celery Seed Extract)

Neonyca is a technical cosmetic active ingredient, of wholly natural origin, deriving from celery seeds (Apium graveolens). It is produced by original, environmentally-friendly technology: supercritical CO2 extraction. Neonyca supports an adequate ungual cell differentiation and proper nail architecture through the production of essential nail unit constituents. Neonyca helps improve nail thickness and reduce surface ridges by ensuring appropriate onychocyte keratinisation and cornification process. By rebuilding onychocyte cohesion, Neonyca also helps prevent excessive dehydration and tendency to brittle.

How to use: Gently roll on this natural nail oil morning and night to strengthen nails.


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