Pedicure Essentials


All the essential basic tools needed for an at home pedicure

  stainless steel foot file, 100% sanitizable with ergonomic handle. comes with 40 refill adhesives with strong enough 180 grit to treat even the toughest callused areas
+  2 long 7" birchwood stick to push back cuticles and clean underneath nails
+  2 nail buffers to buff away any slight imperfections on top of nail and tidy up cuticle area after push back
+ a 100 grit toenail file


step 1: fill basin with warm water and non toxic soap or epsom salts for a relaxing soak and to soften skin

step 2: start with one foot and clip toenails if needed, then file nails into desired shape, switch feet and continue to soak the other

step 3: use the 7" birchwood stick to gently push back cuticles, use the nail buffer to tidy up the cuticle area and buff gently on top of nail. lightly nip cuticles if needed.  switch feet and continue to soak the other

step 4: use foot file to scrub away all dead skin on heels and balls of feet. even address tops of toes and around the sides of the feet as needed. watch the skin melt away, it's oh so satisfying. switch feet and then rinse them clean in water

step 5: remove both feet from water and apply a hydrating scrub, if you don't have one simply use a coconut oil and brown sugar blend. Rinse both feet, dry lightly and apply a deeply hydrating cream to damp feet.

step 6: if polishing, clean nail bed area thoroughly with non-acetone remover to remove any residual oils on the nail. continue on to apply base, color and top coat and remember to sit patiently to let your toes dry.

have fun and enjoy your diy pedicure!

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