our story


Nadine Abramcyk and Adair Ilyinsky saw a void in New York: in a city packed with nail salons, there was simply nowhere people could relax and enjoy expert services in a clean, beautiful, comfortable social setting. Not much existed between high-priced spas and mom-and-pop corner shops.

So tenoverten was born.

From the start, with their first beautifully designed location in lower Manhattan, Nadine and Adair focused on the care and well-being of their staff, providing fair pay and benefits and a healthy, non-toxic setting for the entire tenoverten family. They chose to carry and use only products that were better-for-you, shunning the trend towards gels and dips in favor of trusted brands that worked well and left nails and skin healthy.


Continuing this pursuit of non-toxic nail care, Nadine and Adair, along with partner and creative director Jaclyn Ferber, launched a collection of gorgeous, 8-free, long-lasting colors and nail care that promote stronger and healthier nails, naming each color after the streets of their beloved New York. The team expanded the line with a series of nail care and treatment products featuring safe ingredients and on-the-go-friendly packaging.

Today, Nadine, Adair and Jaclyn continue their pursuit, formulating new and better products, and opening additional salons to deliver on their mission of conscious nail care.

Female owned for nearly ten years. On-trend and timeless, without being trendy. Always striving to create better and better products and services.