As we look back on 2021, the greatest highlight for us was the re-launch of our brand in October, which included an entirely new look and feel. That came along with new packaging and a refreshed website, as well as 16 new products that we have been ruminating on for years. In this new year and in a moment of reflection, we wanted to give you, our community, a look into why we decided to relaunch the brand, what exactly is brand new for Tenoverten and a behind the scenes look at our relaunch, a little sneak peek of what's to come in 2022.

Same Clean Formulas Inside, Brand New Outside.

It was important to us that the new Tenoverten packaging reflect our core values. We simplified the packaging so that it is better for the planet and hence better for people. We did this by reducing the amount of plastic we used and excluded packaging all together when we were able to. Our beloved Tenoverten core products; The Foundation, The Shield, The Rehab, The Rose and Celery Oil, all remain the same in formulation, yet are now housed in new packaging that reflects the simple yet powerful botanicals inside. The Heroine (formerly The Hand Restorative Cream), The Age-Defying Serum (formerly The Hand Repair Serum), The Rose Soak and The Rose Wipes (both formerly called The Rose Polish Remover) and The Accelerator (formerly The Non-Toxic Nail Dryer) also remain the same in formulation, however, are newly packaged along with their new names that actively speak to what they actually achieve in one's nail routine.

What's Brand New? And Why Did We Make It?

We launched several brand-new treatment products in 2021 in order to give you the entire salon experience at home without missing a beat. We felt that we were needing to supplement at home ourselves and wanted to give you a single place to find the answers to all your hand and foot care needs. The salon product we were most excited to produce ourselves was The Cuticle Eraser, as it helps for easy cuticle care at home, magically creating the clean foundation you need for that perfect at-home manicure or pedicure. We also developed the Sleep Mask and the Rewind Exfoliator, both of which have unique & soothing applicators that exfoliate and smooth the skin, bringing our desire to create face grade skincare for your hands to life. With NYC being our home base, we have also longed for a heavier hand cream which came to life with The Cocoon, a natural alternative to lanolin and a product we cannot keep on the shelves. All of these complete the experience while staying true to our foundation of better for you, vegan & cruelty-free.

Finally! Salon-Grade Tools at Your Fingertips.

Why have salon-grade nail tools never been accessible for at home use? It bothered us that we were only able to find higher quality tools at the professional supply shop, which is why we were hyper-focused on developing a full range of tools ourselves. We started with the ultimate manicure staple, a 2-sided buffer called The Buff Plus and moved quickly onto The Eco File, our signature nail file made out of bamboo instead of your typical foam, which is much gentler on our planet. Then we created The Spacemakers, reusable toe separators made of recyclable silicone. And at long last we developed our full range of antibacterial stainless steel tools that take the tool game to the next level with easy-to-use, salon-quality tools like the Push Back, The Big Clip, The Nip and the Right Foot. We've housed these in vegan leather cases to elevate your nail routine at home because sometimes less is more, but in this case opting for something of quality that will last a lifetime means that over time you will create less waste and less impact on our planet, which is more for us all in the long run.

Looking Ahead.

You made it this far and we've got loads more to share with you in 2022. The first product coming out of the gate will hopefully be sitting sinkside in your bathroom and will elevate your handwashing experience... .shortly after think feet. We're not going to give it all away, but promise to remain focused on delivering products with the best ingredients without giving up on functionality. And with all that in mind, we're also committed to having more fun in 2022. We'll be creating content to share the wealth of knowledge we've picked up over the years and we'll be sharing our tips and tricks to perfecting nail shaping and polishing at home. It's not always easy to give yourself a salon worthy mani on your couch, but we're here to help you navigate the process and can laugh along the way as we make mistakes together.

People and Planet First
Thank you for Joining us on This Journey,
Adair, Jaclyn & Nadine




Creative Direction by The Outset
Modeled by: Noelle & Miracle

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