The Tool Kit


Salon-grade precision makes all the difference. Crafted in Germany of stainless steel with an ultra-hard, scratch-resistant coating that repels water, oil, and bacteria, these five tools are trusted by our salon technicians to trim, shape, smooth, and finish nails, creating a pristine canvas for color. A $238 value.

What's Inside

The Small Clip. A curved-edge fingernail trimmer for clip-to-shape ease.

The Big Clip. A straight-edge toenail trimmer.

The Shaper. A durable, double-sided file with two levels of grit.

The Push Back. A rounded edge to reveal and a pointed tip to clean.

The Nip. A clipper for careful, comfortable cuticle maintenance.

Pair With

The Rose Oil

The always-hydrating, never-greasy elixir for healthier-than-ever nail beds. Developed for damaged cuticles undergoing the healing process, this cuticle oil is a reparative powerhouse packed with nourishing benefits.

The Custom Trio

Comes with three consciously-formulated colors of your choosing and a gift box.