Treat your feet with the love and care they deserve in between pedicures from the comfort of your home. So often our feet are neglected, especially in the summer they tend to get dry and cracked. But not to worry, because with regular care, you can maintain smoother, softer, dare we say beautiful feet with our simple at home foot care routine. Shop The Foot Care Set to get everything you need and save 10%.

Exfoliate with The Sole Scrub

Keep The Sole Scrub in your shower and lather up your feet daily. This granulated sugar based exfoliant naturally smooths, softens and brightens skin. Orange peel oil elevates moisture levels, while white grapefruit oil heals and protects skin with its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Antioxidant-rich orange peel boosts brightness and aids in the formation of collagen & elastin to enhance elasticity.

Moisturize with The Sole Mate

We like to use The Sole Mate just like you would use your favorite moisturizer. Apply it after the shower to lock in moisture or use this highly portable balm anytime your feet need a burst of moisture. It's great for at home or on the go - keep it on your bathroom counter, in your purse, on your desk. Vitamin E delivers a surge of moisture to cracked heels and dry soles, and jojoba oil provides deep hydration around the clock.

Remove Dry Skin with The Right Foot

Once a week we like to tackle extra stubborn dry skin with The Right Foot. This salon-grade foot file is crafted in Germany of stainless steel and finished with a diamond-ceramic layer that works gently and effectively to soften particularly rough edges. Simply soften feet in the shower or bath and use fast even strokes on rough or callused areas of the foot.


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