Beatriz de los Mozos is the CEO & Founder of Spanish footwear brand Flabelus. Beatriz studied law and started off her career as a lawyer in London. She eventually became the sales manager at Luminance, a legal document processing start-up, and after three years became the Global Co-Head of Sales. While still at Luminance, she founded Flabelus as a side project in 2020. Today, Flabelus has grown into a worldwide brand, including four brick and mortar stores - two in Madrid, one in London and one in Paris. 

Flabelus marries delicate simplicity with the highest quality craftsmanship to make timeless, comfortable staples, with a bit of Rock 'n Roll. All of their footwear is made with social and environmental responsibility in mind, using organic and recycled materials, and traditional Spanish & European artisan processes passed down from generation to generation. 

1) Reading is an essential part of my life. Every book I read leads me to explore new horizons, whether it's immersing myself in fascinating stories, discovering knowledge on various topics or simply enjoying a good story. As the founder of Flabelus, I find books a fundamental source of inspiration that drives me to keep growing and learning in all aspects of life.

2) The Sole Scrub is my favorite product from Tenoverten….It lathers up well and smells so clean.

3)  Loewe Honeysuckle Candle - I love the floral scent it gives off. 

4) Flabelus Mae Black - A bit of rock and roll in flat shoes never killed nobody am i correct?

5) Outdoor Walks - A weekend outside is one well spent. Then return home and make all kinds of plans with my family.

6) A Great Dinner with Friends - There’s nothing quite like meaningful conversions over food, the one on one, the catching up, these are my favorite plans.

7) Art - I love to visit museums in every city I go to in order to discover the history of each place. I especially look for women painters, I find them fascinating and not too easy to see in Museums.

8) My favorite fashion brand is Double J, I love it!!

9) I love Tenoverten’s eco approach to nail care and their zen salon is always a treat to visit.

10) Skincare - Every morning and evening I do my Skincare with Oskia products. It leaves my face clean and super hydrated.

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