Get to know our co-founder Jaclyn Ferber in our last My Perfect Ten feature of 2021. Jaclyn is our clean ingredient master and heads up new product development. Did we mention she also makes a mean matcha?

1) My favorite way to exercise my body and mind is by hiking in the canyons close to where I live. There's a hike off Mulholland, just West of Laurel Canyon, that drops down to an area called the rainforest which is a little magical moment in a busy city like LA. It reconnects me to nature and shifts me energetically. Some days I need music to reset and other days it’s where I find the space to listen to a podcast, recenter and learn about myself. I use it as a walking meditation.

2) My perfect moments are the ones where my son and I are lying in bed right before he goes to sleep. I lay with him and even when I’m exhausted, if I just surrender and get present these are the moments that are pure magic. We tell stories, laugh, sometimes there are tears about life, and we pretend we’re going to stay up all night. In these moments nothing else seems to matter.

3) My favorite morning ritual is making my ceremonial grade matcha. I drink it religiously since I cut out coffee about a year ago. It gives me the energy boost I need without the come down crash and has concentrated amounts of antioxidants which reduce cell damage and prevent chronic disease. My favorites are Ippodo Matcha Ummon-no-mukashi or the CLEAN program Organic Matcha.

4) In addition to loving the Matcha, my top cleanse program is The Clean Program by Alejandro Junger. I’ve been doing this 3-week cleanse for many years and look forward to doing it again for the New Year. It's the only cleanse where I feel full and get to chew my food which I need. I’m not great with only juices and this has worked wonders for my mental clarity and skin!

5) A Top Ten read of mine is the book A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. My sister and business partner, Nadine, gifted it to me a few years back. It is one of the most moving books I’ve ever read. Although it is a challenging read with a difficult subject matter, it also delves deeply into friendship and love that there is still so much beauty possessed within it.

6) My favorite body treatment is from Aman, the Grounding Amethyst Scrub and Soak. It is formulated clean from sustainably sourced ingredients, smells like an exotic spa experience, and leaves my skin with a hydrated and light oil glow. I also love that it works as a scrub and a self-care ritual by soaking in the bath after!

7) My favorite Tenoverten product is The Rewind Exfoliator. We found this exfoliating step as an often-neglected part of hand care but it functions the same way we practice it on our bodies and face. The Rewind Exfoliator contains AHA’s, key to long lasting hydration, and uses natural mechanical exfoliants like Hibiscus, a natural biodegradable exfoliant, to rid the dull layer of dead and dry skin. This primes your hands for their care regimen after use allowing creams and serums to penetrate better. It also has a beautiful self-care ritual in that the applicator is a massage scrub tip and I usually take a few moments after exfoliating the back of my hands to massage the palms of my hands and feels so relaxing!

8) My perfect Tenoverten colors are LA, the happiest coral red, or our new color Anne, which is perfect for an at home refresh. It’s a delicate and sheer light pink that is super easy to apply on your own.

9) My favorite gifts to give and receive are art books. Adair gave me a beautiful book by Czech artist Anna Zemankova. She was self-taught and only started to create these organic botanical drawings at the age of 50, which I find so inspiring. I love her quote regarding her work "I grow flowers that don’t grow anywhere else." 

10) My perfect night out is sushi and salsa dancing! It’s been a long time since I’ve been out to dance, but a night out at El Floridita transports you to another world. Dancing salsa also connects me to my father and my Latin blood. He was from Uruguay, and I feel like we shared this passion, so it feels like this part of him lives on in me when I dance. Since the pandemic I’ve managed to do some private salsa with an amazing instructor, Paul Barris, here in LA.

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