For March's My Perfect Ten, we're featuring Dee Poku, Founder of The WIE Suite, a private membership community for extraordinary women leaders. Named one of Marie Claire Magazine's 50 Women Changing the World, Dee Poku founded The WIE Suite with the goal to create a community that redefines success and how women achieve and experience it -on their own terms and in support of each other.

Having formerly held senior roles at Paramount Pictures and Focus Features, Dee pivoted to entrepreneurship when she realized there weren't enough safe spaces and resources for women to accelerate their careers and learn from each other in a way that was constructive rather than competitive. With The WIE Suite, Dee envisions a bold new network where senior leaders can explore, connect, learn, and most importantly, push themselves-and each other--to reach further and redefine what's possible for women everywhere.

1) Art - Wangechi Mutu’s art is the embodiment of feminine energy, strength and spirituality. I just went to the opening of her show at the New Museum. The raw power of her sculptures moves me deeply.

2) Jewelry - Jennifer Behr makes the most wonderful headbands and hair accessories. It’s interesting because growing up in the UK, Alice bands as we called them, were very much an old fashioned, posh girls accessory. I love how Jennifer has made them feel thoroughly modern and empowering.

3) Cleanse - I take my well-being very seriously and try to eat healthily. When I need to reset from the stress of my often fast paced life, Kroma is my go to cleanse. It’s so easy to do on the go and I feel the difference instantly.


4) Shows - My favorite TV show is HBO’s Industry. It’s set in the UK in the cutthroat world of finance. The lead character is black and it might be the most nuanced and interesting character I’ve ever seen written for a woman of color. It defies stereotypes. Actress Myha'la Herrold is a revelation.

5) Beauty - I don’t like feeling over made up, just ‘enhanced’. Jones Road is my go to for that. It’s makeup icon Bobbi Brown’s new brand and I use the miracle balm for everything. It’s so easy to use and great on the go (I’m always doing my makeup in the car). See the familiar theme? Always in a rush!

6) Skincare - Tata Harper just works and is a clean brand that comes in glass bottles which I appreciate. The regenerative cleanser is so good and really deep cleans.


7) Travel - My family is from Ghana and I love it there so much. Accra has suddenly become the hot destination and that makes me happy because growing up, I had to contend with such negative depictions of the African continent. Not that that’s gone away but the perspective has shifted and people see its multidimensionality - coffee shops and high fashion stores just like everywhere else. Also Ghana has the best seamstresses in the world. I always buy fabrics and get something made.

8) Inspiration - I’m so lucky to be surrounded by inspirational women everyday through my WIE Suite community, and all the public speaking I do. I am particularly inspired by fashion activist Bethann Hardison. She’s so wise and funny and smart and kind. Her new documentary Invisible Beauty comes out soon. Can’t wait to see it.

9) Tenoverten Rose Oil - It’s a life saver and really effective. My cuticles are a mess without it.

10) Sustainability - Sorry I need to name two here. Aera vegan shoes and fashion brand, Another Tomorrow. 10% of annual carbon emissions come from the fashion industry and I love these two brands because they’re doing something to be part of the solution. And they’re proving that you can make stunning, beautifully made, high fashion without killing our planet.

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