Dria Murphy is a wellness curator, founder & CEO based in NYC. Before starting her own ventures, she worked in PR & Communication at several top fashion houses. Eventually her personal passion & professional expertise in holistic wellness and brand building led to her own entrepreneurial pursuits focused in these areas.

Dria founded creative marketing company Alise Collective in 2015, which specializes in brand experiences and partnerships in the wellness and lifestyle space for female founded brands.

She is also the Founder and Curator of by dria, a wellness and lifestyle membership launching in 2024 that will offer curated collections of tried and trusted products and experiences for women who want to know what’s worth their time and money.

Dria also is a board member of Commit2Change, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education to orphaned teenage girls in India. 

To connect, follow Dria on @driamurphy @_bydria @alisecollective.

1) LYMA Laser - I love how sleek looking and easy-to use this device is, which makes me use it more. I like it because you can use your current skincare products over having to apply a gel or special serum. I do 3 minutes on certain areas of my face for wrinkles and firmness. So far I have seen a difference but full review to come on bydria.com.

2) Raf’s - I can’t get enough of this restaurant. Everything from the decor, the croissants and butter, the chicken to the vibe, and the budino for dessert. Pro tip: get the burger on the lunch menu. Also really love an all-female team, they just get it.

3) FURTUNA SKIN Triple Active Exfoliator - This exfoliator uses natural plant enzymes to loosen dead skin cells and finely ground olive pits to lift skin debris. It immediately brightens skin without stripping it so intensely as some exfoliators can. My skin feels so rejuvenated every time I use this product.

4) Class at FORWARD_SPACE - One of my favorite weekly rituals is taking class at ForwardSpace. Every time I go, I release so much while moving my body and being mentally present. The emotion and the high you feel during class is indescribable. This goes beyond a workout class but don’t be mistaken – this workout is no joke, with equal parts cardio dance, athletic training, and moving meditation.

5) Tenoverten's The Sole Mate - This product I didn’t know I needed but is now essential to moisturize and protect my feet, especially during winter months, is Tenoverten’s foot balm. I love how this product is so seamless to use.


6) Sanity walks with Matchee (my dog!)  - My rule of thumb whenever I feel overwhelmed or stuck is always to take a sanity walk. The idea of a sanity walk is to take time to get some fresh air and move your body to help reset. No matter what, I take at least one per day. Sometimes it is only 5 minutes, others 20. Regardless, it always helps me recenter.

7) RENNA JEWELS Open Wave Ring - This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, and I love that it was designed by my dear friend Renna. I bought it as my birthday present to myself this year. It has an 18-karat gold band of graduated white diamonds gracefully wrapped around your finger. I wear it every day, and I think it adds so much to even my simplest outfits.

8) Barefaced Toning Pads - I have become religious with these toning pads, especially as part of my nighttime skincare routine and when I am traveling. I use them post-cleansing to really clean my skin and prepare it to better absorb the rest of my skincare products.

9) REMEDY PLACE Breathwork Ice Bath Class - Trust me with this. The feeling you have post-ice bath will forever get you through how cold the first minute is. Remedy Place leads you with 6 minutes of guided holotropic breathwork that really sets you up for success before going into the cold plunge for 6 minutes. I always leave feeling so rejuvenated and proud of myself!

10) KATE MCLEOD Breathe Pebble - I love using these in the shower for an at-home spa vibe. They are filled with amazing ingredients like cocoa butter, plant-based oils, and natural exfoliants that really nourish and moisturize my entire body. The added eucalyptus is also so refreshing and cleansing, especially during the chillier months.

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