Isabella Boylston is a rare talent and acclaimed presence on the world stage of classical ballet. Now in her 9th year as a principal ballerina at American Ballet Theatre in New York City, she has danced leading roles in works by the foremost living choreographers such as Twyla Tharp and Justin Peck. She performs internationally with companies like the Mariinsky Ballet, Royal Danish Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, National Ballet of China. Isabella was selected for and completed Harvard Business School’s Crossover into Business program at the top of her class.

She has transcended to the big screen, starring in Francis Lawrence’s film Red Sparrow alongside Jennifer Lawrence. As both a model and a content creator, Isabella has worked with brands like Allbirds, Calzedonia, Cartier, Dior, Maybelline, and Nike. She has also spoken on panels at the prestigious 92Y in New York. She is also the creator of Ballerina Book Club, in partnership with AllArts, designed to inspire meaningful dialogue between dancers and non-dancers alike.

1) My favorite place to unwind  - Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch. My husband and I love hiking, and it’s the perfect base for us to hike to glacial lakes and finish the day with a drink on the porch and a dip in the ranch’s natural hot spring pool.

2) Favorite rehearsal recovery - The Tenoverten soak! It’s perfect for your feet but I personally love to use it as a full body soak when I take baths to help my muscles recover faster. It smells incredible, like you’re taking a trip to the spa. 

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3) My favorite podcast  - The Exploress. I love this pod because it does a deep dive into women’s history, which I never learned about in school, and the narrator Kate is sarcastic and funny. 

4) My favorite book - The Name of the Wind. I love reading fiction and have a special place in my heart for fantasy and sci fi. This book is epic.

5) My favorite coffee shop - Cafe IXV in Brooklyn has delicious coffee and runs close to waste free! Everything is compostable or recyclable and they also serve a delicious grilled cheese sandwich with farm to table veggies.  

6) My favorite notebooks - I do a lot of journaling, especially to help me process the stress of performing and these colorful notebooks from Astier de Villatte are so pretty and I like that the pages are unlined.

7) My favorite theater - Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. I’ve been lucky enough to perform as a guest artist here a couple of times and the atmosphere in the theater is pure magic. 

8) My favorite pasta to cook with - Rao’s spaghetti. I often make spaghetti carbonara or a simple spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and garlic and the Rao’s noodles are Al dente perfection. 

9) My favorite workout - Pilates with one of my best friends and ex ABT ballerina, Sarah James. I used to think Pilates was the most boring thing ever until I started training with Sarah. She’s an incredibly brilliant teacher and helped me overcome injuries and helped get me through the COVID era when all ballet studios were closed. 

10) Favorite endorphin boost - Snuggles with my cat, Jude, who we adopted from a local rescue called Meowsquad. At first she was painfully shy, but now she loves pets and snuggles. 

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