Jess Brush (aka Nailbetch) is a nail content creator on TikTok and Instagram. Her specialty is natural nail health and DIY manicures. Jess's do-it-yourself-focused videos revolve around caring for your natural nails, and the many manicures you can do at home using regular nail polish.

Growing up in a rural town and self sufficient from an early age, there was no chance of getting a manicure at the salon regularly. Jess has done her own nails for as long as she can remember, and has honed her painting skills and natural nail knowledge through time + trial and error. It was always just a self-care ritual until she made a TikTok account in 2021. The goal was not originally to become a nail influencer, but to have an anonymous account with just hands. Her account organically blew up very quickly which resulted in her full time DIY nail painting career.

1) Cuticle oil (especially The Rose Oil) - The number one question I receive is ‘How do you grow your natural nails?’ My answer is always the same - start using cuticle oil. Nail hydration is the key to keeping them strong and able to grow. The Tenoverten cuticle oil hits all the marks for me: great formula, perfect applicator, pretty smell. 

2) Live Music - Besides nails, the other biggest piece of my life is live music. My husband is a musician, most of our friends are musicians, and we own a music venue where we live in the Hudson Valley. I feel really lucky to be able to experience amazing music on a very regular basis.

3) Pasta Night at Home - On the flip side of that coin, there is nothing more resetting than a night in with a giant bowl of pasta. I cook a lot when we’re home, and my specialty is pasta sauces. I think one of my greatest pleasures in life is dinner on the couch with my husband and a good movie.

4) Ride with Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone - This podcast is about things in life that comedians Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone ‘Ride’ for (just like this list), so this is kind of like ‘Ride’ inception. I mean it when I say this podcast makes me LAUGH so hard. I can’t recommend it enough. Make sure you start from epi 1 so you understand all the jokes ;)

5) Nice Bedding - We can all agree that getting into a cozy bed at night is like heaven on earth. I went into a deep dive of sheets last year and really upgraded my whole sheet selection. My favorites are any printed sheet set from John Robshaw, and percale cotton sheets from LL Bean.

6) Tenoverten The Rose Soak / The Rose Wipes - This polish remover is unlike any other that I’ve tried. It smells amazing and somehow leaves your nails ultra hydrated. Plus the packaging is so chic, and it also comes in a wipe version that I bring while I’m traveling.

7) Glass Nail Files - If you’ve been following my page, you’ve probably seen me talk about glass nail files. I’ve used them for over 10 years now, and I prefer them over any traditional file. I feel like it’s much more delicate on the nail which makes it easy to get the perfect shape.

8) Polar Seltzer in a Can - I think a lot of people feel the same, but I just can’t ever get enough seltzer. My favorite form is from the can (which is way easier to recycle than any other vessel), and it always just seems colder?? It’s also the main ingredient to my favorite cocktail - a Seltzer with Tequila and a Lime. ;)

9) Biologique Masque Vivant - I started getting facials last year and my esthetician recommended this mask to me. It’s pricier, but it is the absolute BEST face mask I’ve ever used. It contains live yeast extracts that completely purify your pores and brighten your skin. Because of the live yeast, it smells like vegemite but I don’t mind it anymore.

10) Mood Lighting - I love a dimly lit space with no overhead lighting. My whole house is like this which makes it hard to paint my nails at night but it’s worth the vibe lol. Add a gorgeous candle and you’re set. 


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