We’re so excited for you to meet Zack Peter for this month’s My Perfect Ten. What hasn’t he done? Zack is a pop-culture junkie turned published author, leading podcaster, and ultimate tea-spilling professional. He’s the host of #NoFilter with Zack Peter — an Apple Top 100 podcast, serving you the hottest reality tv news, alongside his YouTube channel and go-to Instagram account (@nofilterwithzack).

Keep reading to learn more about how Zack keeps his face camera-ready, what he does every morning to start the day off right, and the wine he swears won't give you a headache. We loved learning more about Zack and think you will too!

1) My TSC Hot Mess Ice Roller — It's perfect for de-puffing and contouring my face! I like to put it in the freezer overnight and use it to rub in my moisturizer each morning. It keeps face my camera-ready at all times!

2) Honest Beauty CC Tinted Moisturizer — Everyone always asks about my skin, but the trick is a good tinted moisturize that has some solid coverage and SPF! I like mixing Oro (Medium) and Dune (Light Medium) for a nice match.

3) The Heroine Hand Lotion — One of the things I get compliments on is how soft my hands are. A good lotion goes a long way! I think the hyaluronic acid in it does the real magic. It’s become a staple ingredient in my beauty products. This bad boy paired with the Rewind Exfoliator — I think I’m ready to start being a hand model!

4) But no hand is complete without good nails. The Celery Oil makes my nails look hydrated and shiny. I often have to take pictures holding up products on Instagram, so I’m hyper-cautious of my nails! This oil is everything and more.

5) Gold under-eye patches! I love a good eye mask, and gold ones are surely Insta-worthy with added benefits. My go-to's currently are Peter Thomas Roth and Wander Beauty. Both work wonders at helping me look alive and refreshed (especially after a long night).

6) Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother — My fellow blondes can rejoice because Olaplex is a lifesaver! The Bond Smoother has been my favorite for styling. It strengthens hair bonds while taming flyaways and keeps my hair looking healthy.

7) Morning Meditation! I like to block out 30 minutes first thing in the morning to do a good visualization meditation to start the day off on the right foot. Joe Dispenza’s Guided Meditation is my usual go-to!

8) #NoFilter Fizzy White Wine — Listen, I love our classic rosé (which is perfect for summer), but lately our new fizzy white wine is giving me life! It’s light, crisp, and refreshing — and it packs a punch at 13% ABV, but less than a gram of sugar, so no wine headaches!

9) I love to read and invest in a littler personal development each morning. Currently, I’m reading Christine Quinn’s How to Be a Boss B*tch and it’s giving me life!

10) My friends — I like surrounding myself with fellow hustlers! They say, you are who you surround yourself with. I like to make sure the people in my life are people I can look up to that inspire me and motivate me — and create killer content. Adam Newell, Emily D. Baker, Jess Rothschilds, and Jacques Peterson are a few of my favorite collaborators that I check-in with all the time. You grow through uplifting and supporting each other!

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