Whether from our salon devotees who travel frequently or those who don’t live near one of our spaces, we’re often asked for advice on what products to bring to a salon session. It’s hard to choose, but we’ve narrowed the list to three nail care essentials that deliver an instant upgrade, all powered by our commitment to conscious beauty—safe, healthy, and effective. Meet your Take-Along Trio.

A Base Coat

Start fresh with a first layer that nourishes nails, priming ten little canvases for long-lasting color or imparting a healthy glow. You can’t go wrong with The Foundation. Combining the brightening, smoothing effects of a polish with the strengthening power of a base coat, this prime primer also works to prolong the life of your polish and cut down on cracks, thanks to fortifying horsetail extract and moisturizing vitamin E.

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A Top Coat

Lock in that fresh-from-the-salon shine with a top layer that dazzles while delivering real protection. We suggest The Shield. Formulated in collaboration with a chemist who specializes in conscious beauty, this clear-as-crystal protector goes on smoothly to enhance the true hue of any nail color while helping to prevent fading and chipping. The glossy finish dries quickly and applies just as evenly for top-ups, two or three days later.

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A Finishing Touch

This is where you stick the landing, with a final, oops-defying flourish. A few minutes after the last shiny swipe of top coat, pull out patience in a bottle: The Accelerator. Infused with fortifying vitamin E and the soothing scent of rosemary, these drops speed drying time without silicone. The formula is powered by a safe solvent that doubles as an emollient for nails that dry faster and harder, so you can get on your way to the next adventure, without a smudge in sight.

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