Starting your clean nail care routine is easier than ever with The Clean Mani Set. It comes with everything you need for a salon-quality manicure from the comfort of your home, along with our limited-edition corduroy bucket bag, which is perfect for gifting or storing your products.

Check out @nail.betch's full video and our step by step guide using The Clean Mani Set, which will leave you with healthier, stronger nails with a natural glow. 

Step 1: Remove polish with The Rose Soak

The Rose Soak is our super gentle, yet effective acetone-free nail polish remover. Simply saturate a cotton pad with the remover, hold on your nail for a few seconds & remove.

Step 2: Create a smooth foundation with The Buff Plus

Use the pink side of The Buff Plus first to buff & smooth nails, working in short, sharp strokes in one direction. Next, use the cream side for a shiny, natural finish.

Step 3: File nails to desired shape with The Eco File

Create your favorite shape with The Eco File. This ultra-durable file is made to last with a bamboo wood center.

Step 4: Layer on The Rehab base coat

Apply The Rehab to lock in moisture, boost hydration & enhance overall nail health. This rehabilitating base coat is formulated with antioxidant-rich celery seed extract to naturally smooth nails, along with fortifying horsetail leaf extract to strengthen weak, brittle, thin nails.

Step 5: Apply The Rose Oil cuticle oil

One of the best things you can do for your nails is to apply cuticle oil regularly. Our award-winning cuticle oil, The Rose Oil, is packed with 100% natural oils to deliver deep hydration and prevent dryness & cracking.

Start Your Clean Nail Care Routine

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