The Eco File


Perfect your signature nail shape at home with this durable essential. Ideal for gentle smoothing and shaping natural nails, this full-sized file is constructed with a thick, no-foam bamboo center and features an extra long shape.

How to

For best results, trim nails to desired length before filing into shape. Starting with clean, dry nails, file in one direction from side to center, using soft strokes to work from the side of the nail to the tip, at a 45-degree angle. Then file from the other side to the tip, finishing at the top of the nail.

Pair With

The Rehab

One-step recovery for damaged, ravaged nails. When your nails are in need of major rehabilitation, check into this intensive-care nail primer, formulated to lock in moisture, boost hydration, and enhance overall nail health.

The Rose Oil

The always-hydrating, never-greasy elixir for healthier-than-ever nail beds. Developed for damaged cuticles undergoing the healing process, this cuticle oil is a reparative powerhouse packed with nourishing benefits.