Tenoverten's Ambassador program connects a community of people who believe in better. We're looking for existing Tenoverten customers who know and love the brand, along with people who have a passion for clean beauty and want to learn more -  nail or skincare influencers with an engaged community, salon owners, nail technicians, or anyone who simply uses their hands.


Benefits of the Program

  • Free products
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Be the first to learn about & try new products
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Sign up for our affiliate program to earn a commission on orders generated 

What We Ask For in Return

We ask our ambassadors to commit to one deliverable per product received. We have several ways you can participate, depending on your interest. Deliverables can be in the form of generating product imagery or videos, promoting Tenoverten on your social channels, writing a text review on a product, or providing feedback on new and upcoming products. 

Fine Print:

We're a small (but mighty!) team here at Tenoverten, so we're starting off with a handful of ambassadors to kick off this program to ensure it's a fun and beneficial experience for everyone. To apply, click the link below to fill out a quick survey and we'll be in touch with next steps. Questions? Email maggie@tenoverten.com. 


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