Sugaring is a completely natural and ancient method of hair removal. Sugaring paste is made of just three ingredients: sugar, lemon juice, and water. Sugaring does not require heat so there is no chance of burning the skin. Additionally since the paste is not hot, it only takes off the top layer of dead skin and naturally exfoliates the skin causing less redness than other hair removal methods. Sugaring removes the hair directly from the root ensuring the hair is never broken over time resulting in finer and slower hair growth. The sugaring paste used at Tenoverten is certified organic, completely free of harmful chemicals, fragrances and dyes.

Brazilian: $80

In-Between Bikini: $65

Regular Bikini: $50

Lip: $20

Eyebrow: $50

Chin: $20

Full Leg: $95

Lower Leg: $50

Upper Leg: $60

Full Arm: $60

Underarm: $35