It’s not about “clean” or even “non-toxic.” It’s about better. The art of making informed choices today about what is better for your body, your family, your life, and your world, and then seeking to improve upon those choices tomorrow. Staying curious, learning constantly, and taking the small steps that add up to giant leaps. We call it conscious beauty, and it’s at the heart of everything we do.

Here at Tenoverten, one of our top ten commitments is that people and the planet come first. We're always working to improve our impact on the world and to do better. Here are five ways we're putting the planet first. 

1. Our packaging is all recyclable, and we've eliminated outer packaging entirely on all our nail colors. We developed glass packaging where possible and otherwise use recyclable plastic containers for treatments all while working towards 50% post-customer recycled (PCR) content for all our plastic product packaging.

2. Our products are entirely vegan & cruelty free, never tested on animals. Our kits are made with vegan leather, supporting our commitment to being cruelty-free and creating a product that lasts to minimize waste.

3. It is the single-use nature of nail salon tools that is the most harmful to the planet, therefore taking a life cycle approach helps set us towards the right direction. Our hard tools are made of stainless steel to last a lifetime and tools like our durable Eco File are made with sustainable bamboo.

4. We manufacture in the US for several reasons, but when considering the Earth it is to minimize the carbon footprint attributed to overseas freight. We sought out manufacturing and warehousing partners in close proximity allowing us to transport over shorter distances by ground, therefore offsetting some of the emissions impact.

5. We intentionally seek out raw ingredients that are ECOCERT certified. ECOCERT was established as a solution to support brand manufacturers who strive to respect the quality of ingredients from natural origin used and who respect the environment. In vetting raw materials, it is an ideal certification we look for to ensure best environmental sourcing.

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