For August’s My Perfect Ten, we’re so excited to feature Janessa Leoné, designer and founder of her eponymous line of hats, accessories & knits. Rooted in an ethos of sustainability, Janessa launched her line in 2012 with a focus on responsibly sourced, high-quality materials and hand-crafted construction.

It all started in 2009 when Janessa fell in love in Paris- with a vintage hat. Starting small and niche with a line of hats (where several other esteemed designers like Chanel & Lanvin actually began) allowed her to thoughtfully grow her business, with a commitment to conscious consumption, producing highly curated collections in limited quantities – pieces made purposefully, made to keep forever. She's since expanded into other accessories and apparel, recently launching Réciproque, a regenerative, carbon-negative wool collection. We truly connected with Janessa’s passion for the environment and focus on running her business with a heart and a purpose.

1) Wallace – My golden retriever. Wallace is the best human on the planet. Yes, I consider my dog a human. He kind of helped save my life because I lost my dad and then I lost my previous dog right after. It was a really, really dark time and they were both sudden and so Wallace came in and brought joy back to my life. He’s a good guy.

2) Hôtel Les Roches Rouges – My actual favorite place in the world. You don’t ever have to leave the property, which is a serene blend of extraordinary design, stunning landscape, a gorgeous pool and activities– snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking. It’s the chicest adult summer camp you can imagine.

3) Rodolphe Le Meunier Normandy Butter - The only place I can find this butter, which is imported directly from Normandy, is at Erewhon and at Bicyclette– which is great because otherwise I would have to fly to France monthly to get my butter fix.

4) The Peter Attia Drive Podcast – This might be surprising, but I’m a science buff. I originally wanted to be a doctor, so I was pre-med when I started college. In my spare time now, I read medical journals and listen to medical podcasts– I am a really big nerd and I love learning about the brain and body. Peter Attia is a physician and his whole podcast is about increasing health and longevity. It’s all about holistic wellbeing and the balance of physical and mental health.

5) LivOn Labs Glutathione - (Speaking of nerding out) I take this supplement every single morning. Glutathione supports cellular health, which gives you energy and keeps you clear and focused, and it helps keep your liver and immune system healthy. The liposomal formulation is easier for your body to absorb than any other form of supplementation.

6) Heat therapy – I have an infrared sauna at my house, which I like to say hacks relaxation. I routinely use it to wind down after work because the body can’t help but start to calm itself down in extreme heat. There are so many health benefits to regular sauna sessions, and it’s great for skin as well. Sweating regularly, especially in infrared light, definitely keeps my skin hydrated and fresh.

7) Rhode Skincare – I consider myself a minimalist, and for a long time my beauty routine was rubbing an ice cube on my face in the morning. Now, I’m so addicted to the whole Rhode skincare line, every single thing. I actually waited with a timer set for the launch so I could try everything. The Peptide Glazing Fluid is extraordinary.

8) Janessa Leoné ‘Harriet’ crochet bucket hat – Such an easy, effortless silhouette. It’s crocheted from raffia, which does well in the sun and sand, and it’s crushable, packable, and lightweight. I love that the cloche shape has a short brim that’s comfortable to lay in, at the beach or poolside.

9) Janessa Leoné ‘Genevieve’ sweater – I consider this sweater a seasonless staple– I put it on at the end of every day as my cozy layer, my physical totem to mentally reset and relax. It’s from our Réciproque collection, and it’s made from regeneratively-sourced wool. Wool might sound like it’s itchy or thick, but our wool is incredibly soft and supple. The sheep that produce it are raised very differently than on conventional ranches, and it makes a huge difference in the texture, which is closer to cashmere than traditional wool. It’s naturally thermoregulating, and extra soft.

10) Janessa Leoné ‘Belt 05’ – There isn’t a pair of pants that this perfect classic doesn’t go with.

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