For Earth month's My Perfect Ten, we're thrilled to feature Laney Crowell, the founder of clean beauty brand Saie. From better-for-you ingredients to sustainable packaging & practices, Saie is committed to putting people and the planet first, which is reflected in everything they do. On top of all that, their super effective and luxurious products are accessible for anyone looking to make the switch to clean beauty. One of our personal favorites is the Glowy Super Gel, which creates a lightweight glow on its own or over makeup. 

After years of working for massive brands within the beauty industry and launching her own clean beauty blog, Laney noticed something major was missing from the market: clean makeup. Specifically clean makeup that’s well, cool. Skincare products that touted non-toxic ingredients were easy to find, but makeup made from safe and good-for-you ingredients that looked great on your vanity was seriously lacking. Laney decided to launch Saie to make clean makeup easily available for all, and to build it on a mission of real sustainability. 

1) Marin. Going home to see my family is quite a journey from Sag Harbor, where we live now. It's a full day trip but crossing The Golden Gate bridge to my hometown, spending my mornings hiking in the Redwoods, and unlimited time with my grandma and full extended family is priceless.

2) Flowers from Sag Harbor Florist. They do the most beautiful bouquets that are so romantic and sweet.

3) Cuticle oil and hand lotion from Tenoverten. I don't use polish anymore, instead I like a super simple buffed nail. I still get regular manicures though. In between I use the Rose Cuticle Oil and hand lotion daily to keep everything looking tidy and moisturized. I actually have a few of the cuticle oil bc I have to have one with me when I travel, one in my bag, and another in my nail kit.

4) Button downs from Frank and Eileen - The Joedy is so simple and chic. My go-to is the white in large for an oversized look tucked into vintage Levi's.

5) Photos from Shawn Sachs Photography - My husband takes the most beautiful pictures. I particularly love the ones of water which we have in our bedroom.

6) Margaux demi ballet flats. I'm super tall so I rarely wear heels. I love these flats because they are so perfectly simple and incredibly comfortable.

7) Nette Candles. My friend Carol started a candle company a few years ago and I love to light "Queen" when I'm working.

8) Silk Eye masks. I sleep with both an eye mask and earplugs. This is my go-to.

9) Briony Raymond Jewelry. Everything she makes is so chic. Everything I wear is from her - my rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. I'm the type of person who wears the same thing every day and I never take it off, so I love how quality and timeless her pieces are.

10) Rose Deep Sleep CBD gummies - I'm a really light sleeper and after having kids, it's gotten even worse. These are game-changing.

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