This May we're so excited to feature Carol Han Pyle, the Founder and CEO of Nette. Carol started Nette because she believed the candle industry could do better. That there was a cleaner way to produce candles that are healthier for you and the environment. "When I started Nette, I wanted to create a clean-burning, sustainable, and super chic candle that would light the way to a new standard for the industry. For me, lighting a candle is a cherished ritual, much like pouring a great glass of wine or drawing a bath at the end of a long day."

She found that most candles in the market all looked and smelled the same and used harmful ingredients like paraffin wax and cheap, mass-produced vessels that would just end up getting thrown away. She started from the ground up, partnering with a factory using non-toxic coconut-soy wax, a 75-year-old family-owned glass blowing company in Italy who makes all their glass vessels by hand, and a ceramicist in Philadelphia who creates the ceramic vessels, producing true treasures you’ll never want to throw out!

Nette's candles are not only beautifully designed, but sustainability is also woven into every part of the process. They use only the best ingredients for their scents, with green chemistry top of mind. Their first-to-market GOTS-certified organic cotton wick and their super luxe packaging made from 100% recycled shoeboxes(!) and printed with seaweed ink are the finishing touches. "I made Nette because I didn’t want to burn anything else in my home and because the multi-billion dollar candle industry is due for a shift towards something cleaner and better. We hope Nette helps you take good care—of yourself and the world around you."


1) Nette Gallica Rose Candle: This is our latest drop and it’s SUCH a good one—the freshest combination of upcycled rose oil and lily of the valley. My two favorite flowers.

2) Tenoverten Lenox: A perfect, warmer, earthier version of your standard neutral nail! So sophisticated.

3) Saie Mascara 101: Can’t live without it. I ordered this the day Saie launched and I haven’t strayed from it since. It’s a clean mascara that performs so well.

4) Westman Atelier Super Loaded Tinted Highlight: Gives you this ethereal glow and it’s the perfect pick-me-up between Zooms.

5) Crown Affair Hair Mask  and The Brush No. 002—I use this hair mask 3x a week as my conditioner and it truly makes the wash day a gorgeous ritual. Also obsessed with their wooden pin brush.

6) Merit 1980 Brow: I buy this in bulk because I’m scared of running out! The best and easiest brow product I’ve found.

7) Metier Bags: I just love this brand for bags. So understated and such high quality. I have three of them.

8) Perfumer H Charcoal Perfume: This smells so good and it’s soothing to me. Lyn Harris, the perfumer, can do no wrong.

9) Jessica McCormack Earrings: I never take these off even to sleep or shower. They’re so easy yet so chic. I wear them with absolutely everything.

10) Vintage Chanel Jackets: A slight obsession for me. I collect them and love the ones from the ‘90s the most. Shopping vintage is more sustainable, too!

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