This month’s My Perfect Ten features Colleen Wachob, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of mindbodygreen, a company that has been leading the health & well-being conversation, providing their community with actionable content, experiences, and now even products to help make meaningful change in our lives. We’re so inspired by Colleen's unique approach to wellness that weaves together the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental aspects of well-being. Colleen shares her Perfect Ten that help her feel aligned when juggling the unique challenges of being both an entrepreneur and a mother.

1) I love Ten Over Ten's colorful palette, and LA is my go-to red for every occasion.

2) I start each and every morning with a super simple collagen latte: mindbodygreen's chocolate beauty & gut collagen, mixed with almond milk - that's it! It's a small but meaningful routine that helps ground my morning.

Save 20% off your first beauty & gut collagen+ purchase at mindbodygreen with code TOTCOLLAGEN. Valid for new customers only on a single product or first month of a new subscription. Cannot be combined with other offers.

3) Pilates has become one of my favorite ways to move. Lia was my Pilates instructor here in Brooklyn after the birth of my 2nd child, and now, everyone can experience her magic through her incredible app and community, B the Method.

4) My friend Bee Shapiro is the Founder at Ellis Brooklyn. I'm a huge fan of their line of clean, sustainably-sourced fragrances - especially my favorite Salt, which reminds me of warmer weather.

5) We're fortunate to have FEED's first retail location right in our neighborhood. It offers delicious coffee and curated shopping, all supporting FEED's mission of providing meals to people all over the world. We stop in almost every morning on the way to work, and it's a treat when we get to catch up with FEED founder Lauren Bush Lauren.

6) After a long search for a non-toxic and effective nail polish remover, The Rose Soak has been game-changing! It does the job while also nourishing and strengthening my nails, thanks to an infusion of essential oils and vitamins.

7) Miracle Balm from Bobbi Brown's clean beauty line, Jones Road Beauty, is a daily staple for my super minimalist make-up routine. It's incredibly versatile and makes it so easy to get that coveted all-over glow.

8) My dear friend Alli Bloch started In Common, a sustainable clothing brand that makes THE most comfortable underwear! I love supporting brands (and friends!) who are making sustainable products and great design more accessible.

9) From weekends around Brooklyn with the kids to work travel, hands-free crossbody bags are a staple. I love to personalize mine with Shoppe Salt Straps, woven by Fair Trade Colombian Wayúu artisans in a range of beautiful colors. Every strap sold gives back through a partnership wth Nest, a non-profit dedicated to the advancement of global artisans through transparency, sustainability and advocacy.

10) I wind down every night with 2 mindbodygreen sleep support+ tablets about 2 hours before I want to fall asleep. After years of struggling with sleep, this melatonin-free formula has truly changed my life.

Save 20% off your first sleep support+ purchase on mindbodygreen with code TOTSLEEP. Valid for new customers only on a single product or first month of a new subscription. Cannot be combined with other offers.

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