Jaimie Baird is a photographer and an interior designer. She recently shot & styled Tenoverten's photo shoot for The Recovery bath soak with Isabella Boylston. Jaimie's career in photography spans over twenty five years while her love for interior design has always been constant. She studied at the School of Visual Arts in NY, NE School of Photography as well as New York School of Interior Design while apprenticing under Boston and Nantucket's finest photographers, Genevieve de Manio, Terry Pommett and Claudia Kronenberg.

Translating her passion for color and texture she sees through the lens into a serene space is always her design goal. Jaimie has designed and built homes in Cape Cod, Boston, New York and the Hamptons and continues to photograph for clients such as J. Crew, lululemon, Savoir Beds, Veronica Beard and more. 

Born and raised in Boston, MA, Jaimie currently resides in New York with her husband and three children.

photo by @kellyryerson

1) Favorite Family Heirloom - My grandmother’s Pope John Paul ROMA gold pendant coin I wear on a thick vintage French chain. My grandmother was very religious and we come from an Italian catholic family - it makes me think of my childhood, how much she meant to me and how she came from no means but had everything with the love of her family and her traditions. 

2) Favorite Time Suck - I have spent many, many hours scrolling on 1stDibs and Incollect for Vintage lighting!  Anything French or Italian from the 50’s and 60’s makes my heart skip a beat…I have used some of these in my favorite projects…

3) Favorite Artist - Janna Watson texture and use of color makes me HAPPY!  I also love how you can install them in any direction that feels GOOD for you and the space! 

4) Favorite Tenoverten Product - The Sole Scrub is my favorite….It lathers up well and smells so clean. I scrub my entire legs with this and it leaves them moisturized and baby soft! 

5) Favorite Toy - My new Canon EOS R5 series mirrorless camera. It’s so light!  I feel like it’s taken me so long to convert but now I’ll never go back. It achieves the same quality high res images minus the back ache :-) I feel liberated. 

6) Favorite Pastime - Sunday dinner when my son cooks for our family. He is 16 and an amateur chef. He cooks for our family for his allowance which is incredibly helpful for our family of five. He recently cooked Braciole for 60 of his football teammates and Coaches. We use my grandmother's recipe but that's top secret...

7) Favorite Bra - Skims Mesh. I am 50 and my little boobs are on the floor. This bra keeps them looking like plump pancakes! Thank you Kim! 

8)  Favorite Summer Italian Gem - Minori on the Amalfi Coast. One of my dearest friends brought our family to Minori years ago and it's one of my most favorite places on earth. You'll be hard pressed to find Americans, Bougie restaurants or a scene and that is why we love it.

9) Favorite Cocktail - Just one dirty martini, extra olives hold the vermouth from One White Street. It arrives with a sheet of ice chips like a smooth skating rink. 

10) Favorite Thing in LIFE! - Being on the water on Cape Cod in the summertime…. Endless time with my kids who are not on their phones = HEAVEN! 

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