Jeanne Grey @thegreylayers is a Filipina immigrant and social media public figure who speaks about intentional care, beauty and culture, while tying in her Filipino roots into her content. She started full time as an influencer in 2014 and has gained a loyal audience. Upholding her values to inspire her audience to live authentically, while educating them on topics within confidence, saving money and more.

1) My iced shaken espresso with oat milk - The perfect amount of caffeine I need to jumpstart my mornings. I absolutely need one everyday. 

2) My horses - Being at the ranch and barn for my lessons or just being with my horses brings me all the happiness in the world. Horses are cooler than people. Fun fact: they can feel a fly land on their back which means they can sense the rider’s emotions through body language and confidence as well.

3) Tenoverten’s Hand Care Set - My hands are my greatest workers. With my time at the ranch riding and work as a creative multi-faceted human, this set gives my hands the TLC it’s been lacking.

4) Lash extensions - They make my life less complicated and having them makes me feel ready for anything! Amazing Lash in Florham Park saves my life each time. I get so happy whenever it’s time to get a new set! 

5) Tubéreuse Candle by Diptyque - First thing I do when I get home is light this candle. It smells like home to me and takes away the weight of the day while I ease into my evening.

6) Crisp white button downs - Nothing looks like it smells as good as a crips white button down. I live in one almost every other day. It’s such a versatile thing to have in one’s wardrobe. It goes with everything and you look instantly put together yet relaxed as well.

7) My great room in our mountain house - This room is special. Every time loved ones or guests come over they always get drawn into this room. I take most of my naps here. There’s a picture window into the forest area on our property and it’s almost like peeking into nature’s secrets that we don’t get to see everyday: fawn’s nursing in the spring, fox pups following their mom’s around, deer’s galloping and playing in the rain. It’s magical.

8) My AMC A-list membership - Growing up we used to own a movie theater and inviting my friends at the age of 6 to watch Toy Story and Pocahontas and Mulan to eat all the theater snacks and watch all the movies on repeat for free are my core memories. As an adult watching movies 2-3x a week brings me so much joy! Almost feels therapeutic. My husband and I share a notes list of all the movies we are looking forward to watching together each year and being an AMC a-list member allows us to watch all the movies we want all month — almost as if I was 6 again.

9) Scalp spas by my girls at Skye Stylez Studio Salon in Bayonne - They give the best scalp scrubs and massages I’ve ever experienced. I can’t go anywhere else for a blowout because they set hair washing (and more) at such an incredible standard!

10) Skiing - Nothing takes my mind of things more than skiing. Unpopular opinion but I love winter and being on a mountain with the crisp wind, in a suit and my skis are all I need to put a smile on my face! 

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