Jennie Yoon is the CEO and founder of Kinn Studio, a Los Angeles-based fine jewelry company. Jennie and her family immigrated to the United States from South Korea when she was two. After her family’s home was robbed, Jennie set out to replace some of the heirloom jewelry pieces her parents had lost.

In LA’s jewelry district, she discovered the industry’s lack of transparency and sought a transparent solution that offered modern heirlooms to be passed down for generations. Kinn Studio is committed to thoughtful and conscious production practices, using recycled 14k gold and ethically sourced gemstones for every timeless piece.



1) Brightland Olive Oil - I've known the founder, Aishwarya for over 10 years, and have seen her grow this brand from the beginning. I can put the oil over my salad, bread, anything really—and knowing that the ingredients are quality and clean.



2) Wireless Bluetooth Microphone - My daughter (5 yo) just got a bluetooth microphone for her birthday and we've been singing our hearts out—before dinner, in the car ride, whenever we have our friends over—it's so fun to be able to karaoke whenever you want!

3) Italian Wine with DOCG, DOC or IGT labels - Majority of Italian wines are labeled using the traditional designations, which are the most common quality designation found on labels today. These designations are found either on the label itself, or on a seal at the top of the bottle wrapped around where the cork is. I've always loved wine, and realized Italian wines tend to be more dry (less sugar), less alcohol content, which then leads to lead headaches the next day! Barolos and Chianti are my personal favorites!


4) Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment - I've got at least 1 in every bag. Everyone knows that this is my absolute go to to give my lips a healthy, glossy look!


5) Long Beach Antique Market - I love when I can find myself getting lost in an antique market, curating one-of-a-kind pieces for my home, office and even gifts for my family and friends. The best time to go is at 6am when the vendors are putting out some of the best gems!


6) Tenoverten Rose Oil - When I was pregnant, I was searching for clean polish and cuticle oil to use. Love that it's not super oily, and does the trick in making my nail beds stay hydrated. Hints of rose are such a plus!


7) Monday Swimwear St Barts Skirt - We live by the beach so I live in my swimsuits during the summer. Love all my Monday Swim products, but this sarong is just the perfect coverup for when you're at the beach or by the pool.

8) Glymed Plus Comfort Cream - I was introduced to the Glymed Plus line by my aesthetician and I've loved every product that I've come across. This one I reach for when I need a serious case of moisturizing.


9) Spa at Terranea Resort - I've gone to this resort on so many occasions, and got a chance to enjoy their spa treatments recently. Not only do you get an hour massage, you also get to use their sauna, all-day pool, hiking trail by the water and get to eat delicious food & drinks on the property. Perfect for a little treat for yourself, with your girlfriends, or even with family.


10) Podcasts - I'm in the car for at least two hours daily. I'm a big podcast fan—anything from news, entertainment, educational etc. I have on rotation: Limited Supply, The Journal, Let's Be Honest w/ Kristin Cavallari, CNN 5 Things, The Glossy, Gloss Angeles, Acquired, Barron's Streetwise. The ones listed are my go to know about current events, while also sharpening my leadership and business strategy skills.

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